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As part of or day to day jobs (and a bit of procrastination in between), we use lots of web design tools and developer programs.
We sometimes stumble upon some cool news and what not too.

So here's what we reccomend!

Twitter BootStrap

Tags: Frontend Framework Open Sorce Dev Tools Web Design

Author : Adam Beardsell

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"A rapid development framework that makes front-end web development faster, easier and beautiful!"

As a developer I PQL loves Bootstrap bootstrap! It's distributed open sorce and built from the ground up for devices of all shapes, and projects of all sizes. It allows you to concentrate on the rest of your code and (almost) forget about CSS, Cross Browser Standardization and device compatibility.

I first started using it at the start of 2013 and I haven't looked back since. It gives you a complete set of css styles and preconfigured java snippets so you dont have to worry about the compatibility between you favorite libraries.

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Sublime Text

Tags: Text editor Dev Tools

Author : Adam Beardsell

Sublime Text Editor icon

"An amazing text editor and absolutely essential for any developer. With a massive addon community and support for almost all languages, Sublime Text is still just a cut above the competition"

So it's light weight, lightning fast, supports almost any language with tonnes of add ons. It also has tonnes of great features you did'nt know you needed (untill now!).

Like any decent web platform it has loads of resorces to support it like Boot Snipp. There's also loads of people are already using it to create beautiful responsive designs, check out what can be done with Bootstrap.

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