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Author : Adam Beardsell

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Digital Strategy & Search Engine Optimization

We always have time to sit down with our clients and brainstorm face to face, normally we start with informal meeting and a brew. After this we really focus on who your target market is, and how we're going to get you a larger slice of that pie.

Starting with online research we investigate how we can improve your market reach, basicly introducing your brand to potential new customers. This increase in targeted market reach will deliver better quality visitors who will in turn spend more each sale.

Using this research we'll start to code your site optimizing your website for the right search engine keywords as we go, giving you the best chance of naturally listing highly in Google.

It's our job not just to listen, it's often much more important that we are proactive and lead you. We often bring ideas to the table, where we identify opportunities for your business. Because often the greatest value we add is our expertise as web developers, taking inspiration from the hundreds of websites we've delivered before.

What Website do you want?

When investing in a new website its important to consider the following.

What is your site trying to achieve?

Is it designed to inform people and generate intrest about a product or service or to sell goods to be deliverd.

Will this information need changing regulary

How are you going to get traffic to the site?

If you're stating a new website, regardless of how well a site is built if it has no visitors then it wont be very effective. We help raise our customers online profile by coding their websites with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind.

Why won't they just shop/visit somewhere elses on the internet?

The internet is a very competitve place. So research your market and make sure your aware of the level of competition in your industry.

Price is often the biggest deciding factor of internet sales but service and convience are a great way to compensate.

Design Satisfaction Guaranteed

We start the design process by researching your bussiness identity, target demographic, your key messages and why your customers choose you. We then design your website to centre around your target demographic and your key message / goal.

Then we present a few designs and layouts based on your colour schemes. After we have disscussed it we refine the design until you're happy it's exactly what you and your customers want.

Because we dont start the main build process untill we have the design finallised, and you dont pay your last 70% until you're happy!

So you can relax knowing your project is under control.

Mobile Devices

Today huge numbers of people use smart phones or tablets to shop, book tickets, compare prices and find out whats nearby. On some sites nearly 40% (and rising) of the traffic is now from mobile devices. This means that your site might need optmizing for other devices. Every website will display slightly diffrently of diffrent devices (the same goes for browsers).

When we design our websites we ensure that it looks beautiful across all devices. We do this by optmising the usability for mobile users by; reordering and resizing content, modifying the navigation and lots and lots of testing. This helps gives your site a lower bounce rate and a higher conversion rate. Search engines like Google also like mobile optmised content, and you natural search ranking will go up with the usability of your site.

We use the Dimensions tool to test what our sites look like on other devices. Why not check yours?

Is your site optmised for mobiles?

Content Management Systems / CMS

A content management system is the ability to publish, edit and modify content as for a site. Often our clients website will need regular updates or the client will want to be albe to edit the entire content of there site on there own.

This is almost standard and most of our clients have a CMS system to change text, pricing tables, pictures, users, mailing lists, ect...

We often do this using WISIWYG's like tiny mice.


We generally charge 30% of the projects quote upfront as a deposit. After work is finished and your satisfied the remaining 70% is payable.

We normally offer support for all of our stytems for 10 to 15% of the orginal site quote annually, this varys from project to project depending upon the nature of the site.

You still have questions, or you think we have missed something out?

We are here to help! Why not comment below or email PQL here and we will get back to you and update this page Asap!

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