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Here at PQL our expert SQL database developers have rich experience of designing databases from scratch and upgrading from existing platforms.
We've worked with business of all sizes, from multinationals companies to independants. We normally code our databases in MySQL MS SQL and MS Access, fronted by a bespoke web application.
We offer a full range of data services listed below.

Author : Adam Beardsell

Database Services

Understanding client data

client data

We take time to sit down with our clients and brainstorm face to face, normally we start with informal meeting and a brew.

The aim is to find out what you want from the system and how we can help. We then think of workable solutions to help make your data more accessible, informative & valuable to your business day to day.

Once work has started we normally use google analytics and other data Analysing tools to collect all the data we can so we can then interpret the results to improve service and performance.

We have found this invaluable in the past, to guide business strategy and improve sales.

Database Structure & Design

Database Design

Once you have decided how you want to use your data we then have to design a database structure and content management system to suit.

We develop databases built on the following frameworks: Ms Access, Ms SQL or My SQL depending upon the project.

This allows us to store massive amounts of data online securely and access it through your database or web application.

Our developers are constantly evolving and can design a system to fit your needs, regardless of the size of your business. We think the results speak for themselves, so take a look at some of our work to see what we've done.

Transfer and upgrading of data from existing databases

Some of our new customers are existing business owners and have an existing database or paper records. There still working off ill suited spreadsheets or legacy access databases that simply weren't built for todays internet and your competition.

We'll take your existing data and convert it into your new database. We often upgrade MS Access databases to more web friendly and open source alternatives. We normally use My SQL as our DB language of choice but review it for every project.

Usually we give customers access to their new system through a secure online web application.

If you already have a site of system with us or someone else, we're available to advise upgrades or add on features to existing databases.

We normally collect analytics data on all our applications to help diagnose issues and improve usability of the system.

Secure Data access & Backup

Site Security

All our is online is securely stored across multiple servers and backed up daily. This means if the world ends (theoretically) we could sift through the rubble and restore your site for the last viable backup.

We can also implement an number of security restrictions if needed like restricting physical locations and HTTPS. We also backup all our data daily.

Ongoing support and maintenance

Secure Data access & Backup

After you application has been launched our team are available to support and maintain it throughout it life. We normally charge 10% - 15% of the build quote for annual maintenance.

We go above and beyond to support our applications. We know your business is important so we stay late to apply software patches to cause minimal inconvience to you suggest new ideas and try and stop the issues asap.

We use a range of monitoring software to manage and maintain our live systems. So we normally know about the problem before you do.

You still have questions, or you think we have missed something out?

We are here to help! Why not comment below or email PQL here and we will get back to you and update this page Asap!

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