Eletronic Repair Managment Software

Our client approched us with an ambitious taks of creating a bespoke database system for his workforce that connected seamlessly with his suppliers servers.

Author : Adam Beardsell

Laptop & Tablet Repair Servicing

The client undertakes the inspection and repair of consumer electronics on behalf of major insurance companies. Their new bespoke database allows them to efficiently manage the whole process from receiving the instruction and arranging collection to final resolution of the claim.

  • Barcode labels generated so all repair items can be tracked through the process
  • New instructions, engineer reports and courier collection lists all sent electronically
  • Multi-level security
  • Labour and part costs recorded against each repair
  • Invoices calculated and sent via ftp
  • Letters to consumers are generated via mail merge on demand, or at scheduled intervals
  • Admin task tracking and reminders
  • Stock control system for parts
  • The list of parts required for repairs are compiled during the day as the inspections are done, then emailed direct to the supplier
  • Extensive management reporting
  • Milestone repair updates are compiled and sent to insurer via ftp to keep them informed of progress

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