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Web Design & Database Development

PQL specialise in developing Online Database Applications. Used to help increase productivity speed and accuracy in the workplace. We have years of experience in designing intricate and specialised database solutions for a variety of customers in different industries.

We also develop websites, ecommerce applications, mobile sites and offer a range of related services. using a range of open source and commercial technologies including Adobe ColdFusion, Railo, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and JQuery. All applications we develop are tested thoroughly to ensure stable and secure systems for all our customers.

To deliver this we work closely together with our clients to understand your goals, this enables us to help create the best digital strategy targeted to engage your audience. This means we talk to our clients (a lot) to ensure we fully understand your requirements. Firstly we architecturally map out the system and then start programming.

After launch we offer support for your site throughout it's life. With technical support and advice from our coders only a phone call away. Our web developers are sat coding in a really cool office right now in Stockport, south Manchester. Call or email us now and discuss your next step on the web.

HTML5 CSS3 and Sublime text logos

Database Design & Development

PQL database developers specialise in SQL database applications. We excel in simplifying our clients work flow throughout their day by utilising all the available data and then automating the process as much as possible.

For some of our clients PQL custom database aplications have completly revolutionised their day to day running of their business. We do this by coding a bespoke appliction to fit your exact needs.

We normally code our new databases in MySQL or MSSQL but we always assess the situation and make a case by case desision. The database services we offer include:

  •

    Face to Face Meetings

    When starting a new project we often meet face to face. We know the best ideas are created when brainstorming with someone who knows your business inside out.

  •

    Converting Existing Data

    If needed we'll take your old existing data in whatever format it comes and convert it to something useful to us as part of our service.

  •

    Honest Advice

    One of our team will help advise you on how to make the most of your system, and we often help guide our customers, suggesting online strategy, added functionality and more.

  •

    No Hassle Upkeep

    We're happy to look after all of the technical upkeep and explain anything you need us to.

  •

    Ongoing support and maintenance

    We are available by phone or by email during office hours and also have staff on call after hours. So when you're having issues you're not stuck with a machine or a foreign call centre.

Our Database Services

Web Design (eCommerce, Mobile Sites, Content Managment Systems & Blogs)

With years of experience on how to help you make an impact on the web, our web designers are ready to help you build the perfect website for your needs.

We specialse in coding Bespoke eCommerce sites with Content Managment Systems and all of our new sites have either a specilised mobile site or are optimised for mobile devices.

    Our web services include:

  •

    Face to Face Meetings

    Whenever starting a new project we try to meet face to face. We know the best ideas are created when brainstorming with someone who knows your business inside out.

  •

    No Tech Knowlege Required

    We will set up your website and emails backups and everything else if needed and we'll make sure you know what you need to do.

  •

    Bespoke Design

    Our developers are not restricted by templates or anything else, so get exactly the design you want.

  •

    Digital Strategy Planning

    We talk to our customers regularly and help them plan there bussiness on the internet

  •

    Site Layout & Design

    Stuck for inspiration or dont want to hire a graphic designer..? Our team are skilled at creating sleek professional designs.

  •

    Mobile Device Optimization

    Mordern websites need to be prepared for moblie devices like phones, tablets and all of the weird and wonderful browsers inbetween. We prepare our websites so that they always look and feel just how they should.

  •

    Content Managment Systems

    We embrace open source Content Managment Systems like Wordpress & Mura so you can have simple and easy control over you site and its content.

Our Web Design Services...

DataBase Design
Matinence & Support
PQL E-Commerce Sites

Who We Are Professional Web Developers

Jack at PQL

We're a small team of coders building Websites and Database Applications based in Stockport, Manchester. For over a decade we've been hunched over our desks creating custom web applications for businesses, providing advice and support whenever needed.

For most people designing a website probably isn't something you do every day, thats why we pride our honest service to help you understand whats going on and get exactly what you need.

We've a simple philosophy base on providing a honest friendly service with great support. We also love a new challenge! If we don't already know the answer, we will go and find out!

Our Skills

We have been operating since 1999 and in that time we have gained multiple skill sets and decades of combined experience to help guide you. So lets us help you make the right choices to succeed online. Here are the main technologies that we specialise in.

HTML 5 & CSS 3


HyperText Markup Language is the standard language used to create web pages.

Cascading Style Sheets accompany HTML to specify the layout presentation of the code.

Obviously we're masters of HTML and CSS, Its our bread and butter.

Adobe Cold Fusion

Adobe Cold Fusion

ColdFusion is a rapid web development platform with exellent database integration used to create rich detailed Internet applications.

We use it because it has brilliant intergrated data anylsis tools, high runtime performance and its ease of use.

CFML is the code processed by the coldfusion application.



Railo is a opensorce CFML server and an alternative to Cold Fusion Server.

Because no licence fee is involved it's a lot cheaper to set up in house server solutions vs Cold Fusion.



An Lightweight feature-rich JavaScript library, it enablebles us to create beautiful webpages with rich user experience. JQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.



The worlds most popular opensorce database application. Designed to be web friendly it's used worldwide to store and manipulate large online databases.

Microsoft SQL

Microsoft SQL is a more robust scalable database application than My SQL and is generally used to store and manipulate larger data applications online

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access

We also work with access Creating new Access appliactions Modifying existing apps and converting Access databases and putting them online.

Our Access guru has 20 years of experience managing large applications.

Even More...

We are constantly learning, changing our methods and the technology we use. We could try to list the all here but we just dont want to brag too much...

What our customers have to say...

Here a just a few of our customers thoughts of us and our web and database development skills.

Wood Care Direct

Wood Care Direct

"As well as creating 3 ecommerce sites for us, PQL have written a web based system that lets us manage quotes, orders and enquiries from all 3 sites in one place. This has lead to improved customer service and reduced admin overhead"

Athletika is now Sports Creative


"Our site receives around 75,000 visitors a month, equating to close to 1000 orders. As well as producing an easy to browse well designed site, PQL have made fulfilling those orders as easy as possible, saving hours of admin time every day"

Bespoke Code

Best 4 Frames

"In choosing web developers we needed someone we could work closely with in what was a new area for us. PQL have never failed to provide exactly what we need. They are tuned into our way of thinking and have an excellent understanding of our business"

Our Contact Details Pop in for a brew

We are happy to discuss any ideas you have for future projects. Our friendly team based in stockport have years of coding experience behind them and can't wait to help your business!

Our web developers are based in Stockport, South Manchester, and all of our coding & development work is done here in the good old UK... FYI

PQL Web Solutions
716 Stockport Road West
P: (0161) 292 7374

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